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Wed Sept 5 12 I met a bunch of people last Thurs @ the rally “Justice for Captain”, outside 222 Main St., in Vancouver. One lady, in particular stated that “animals are considered property, I did not catch if it is in Canada?, BC? or Vancouver?” My question is what is being done? to change this 100 years old rule / legislation…. ???? CHANGED !!!!!!!!!!!!When is the court date

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To: City Hall, the City of Vancouver & ENGINEERING                                                 Page one

Petition :

We, the undersigned, are calling for changes to be made:

1. At the intersection of Expo Boulevard & Abbott St.

a) Vancouver Police or Transit Authority cars or motorcycles to be parked at the

S. E. corner of Abbott St. & Expo Boulevard, a physical presence & ready to issue tickets

b) more of those surveillance cameras, which are placed in HIGH Traffic areas.

c) for the speed limit to be decreased to 40km/h or less.

d) Yield / Pedestrian crossing signs

e) speed bumps at staggered distances, to be installed, in all for

directions of the intersection

f) no speeding signs to be posted 1, 1.5, & 2 blocks East & West of

Abbott St. on both sides of Expo Boulevard.

2. A pedestrian controlled crosswalk a to the South, of where

TRANSIT RIDERS exit the STADIUM Skytrain station, but before the driveway where cars enter & exit through for COSTCO.

– copied & pasted directly from the Vancouver Sun newspaper article:

“ICBC claims statistics show that there have been roughly 60 motor vehicle accidents at the intersection between 2004 and 2008.

Twenty-five of these crashes were considered severe casualties, which means they resulted in

injury or death. ICBC would not say how many of these accidents were fatalities.”

– copied & pasted directly from the Vancouver Sun newspaper article:

“A preliminary look at city statistics shows one pedestrian accident and about 100 motor vehicle accidents at the intersection

over the past eight ears, said Jerry Dobrovolny, an assistant city engineer. “That isn’t unusual for downtown,” Dobrovolny said of the

numbers. “We are taking a closer look at that data obviously because of the situation.”


Hello ! My name is Nancy B.                                                                                                    Page 2

I have been working at GM Place for 14 years & BC Place for five years.

On the afternoon of Wednesday August 26th, last month

“ A 32 year old Mother with her 2 year old daughter in stroller were struck down” at the intersection of Abbott & Expo Boulevard.

The 2 year old girl” died at the scene. Her Mother was hospitalized.

Please help me . . .

*  by signing this petition, you could / will be a voice in helping,

to have Her death NOT seem so pointless.

I, the petition writer, Nancy B., To go to work, I get off the bus at Abbott

St., & Pender. Then I walk South along Abbott St to the intersection of

Abbott & Expo Boulevard and across the street when I am going to either of

my jobs at GM Place & BC Place.

As a pedestrian, I see & sometimes have even experienced the different

ways drivers are focussing on everything except driving. When drivers &

their vehicles, are travelling west on Expo Boulevard, & the traffic light

at Abbott St., is green, or yellow very likely the drivers, put the pedal to the

metal & act as if they are on a race cource. In a sense they are, as this used

to be part of the MOLSON INDY race track.

A NEW “Residential” complex is about to open, right on the very corner

of the intersection of the little girls death. Abbott St., & Expo Boulevard. I

have been told another 200 families will be living in this neighbourhood.

That could mean another 400 hundred people coming and going.

How many strollers will there be?


page # page printed – October 2nd ‘09                                                                               Page 3

We, the undersigned, are calling for changes to be made

– at the intersection of Expo Boulevard & Abbott St.

Please sign, printing is okay I require Your name & ONE contact info.

your name         &               address            or           phone #          or                    email address